Andria Dolce Raves

Stephanie Avelino worked with our very own Andria Dolce, and had a lot to say about her. This is what she said:

Dear radius financial:

I have three words for you:  Andria, Andria, Andria.  Dolce that is.

You know:  Andria Dolce  
Loan Officer NMLS# 949919
 @ radius financial group inc.

This is Stephanie Avelino and I recently had the good fortune and pleasure to work with Andria as we were refinancing a 2 family investment property in Roslindale, MA.  Andria was great to work with and I would recommend her and radius financial in a heartbeat.  Feel free to contact me anytime for further information.

Here are some highlights to my experience:


Andria is organized, knowledgeable and follows through when she says she will.  She was often able to answer my questions right on the spot and if she couldn’t, she promptly got back to me with the information I needed.

This was extremely helpful because I am only a moderately organized person myself and I live a life that is a bit too hectic between 2 kids ages 5 and 13 (yeah that’s pretty interesting) working part time, managing our own household and taking care of the investment property.  Many days I am lucky if I get my pants on before I leave the house.   With Andria’s help and support I was able to collect and submit all necessary paperwork and forms needed to complete the refinancing.  Andria helped keep me on track throughout the process – just what I needed.


Andria is determined and resourceful.  We had a 30 year fixed rate loan on our property but we also had a special deleading loan through the city of Boston that had been transferred and required subordination.  This required tracking down the loan info and dealing with Mass Housing Finance Agency.  At first I didn’t even know which bank or agency had acquired the loan after transfer.  This issue added some extra red tape and time to our application process and made the whole thing more complicated.

With Andria’s help and support and resources that she was able to draw upon, we were able to obtain the subordination, even though at first our request was denied and it seemed like this might not be possible.  In addition, even if we had not been able to obtain the subordination, Andria had a back up plan in mind that probably would have allowed us to restructure the loan and still wind up with a favorable rate for refinancing.


Andria is accessible and reassuring.  It was easy to get in touch with her, even on weekends and the time she was sick.  And she offered information and reassurance for all of my questions and confusion about the different steps of the process.


My new loan has now been transferred to Citibank and I now have a monthly payment that is about $570 less than my old monthly payment.  I am one very satisfied customer.

Winning that $250 gift card would make me happy, but even without it I am quite pleased to have worked with radius to help me refinance my property.

In addition, Andria is nice and she has a sense of humor: Two big pluses to the already mentioned attributes.

Hope all goes well for folks at radius.  Things with us are swell.

Take Care:
Stephanie Avelino


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